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Science Stories wants to provide broadcast and online media with compelling stories coming from Europe’s science communities. Journalists and content creators can use these stories to show how researchers are finding new ways to overcome global and local challenges.  

Our team of experienced filmmakers make sure all footage is edited, mastered, and colour-graded to broadcast-level-quality. Once registered you can download as much footage as you like – no payment or permission required. We’ll also let you know when new footage becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Science Stories is the media library of the not-for-profit organisation ESCI (European Science Communication Institute gGmbH), based in Germany. Its goal is to empower scientists to communicate and connect with the public to bridge the gap between science and society.
The footage displayed is produced by experienced filmmakers and science journalists working at ESCI gGmbH and Leonardo Film GmbH. Together they rely on more than two decades of filming experience in the field of science and innovation. We also collaborate with other not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the outreach of European research projects.

Almost all videos include press releases and background information about the video. All videos come with an English transcripts to make dubbing and subtitles as easy as possible. In addition, some videos include native language interviews with transcripts in that native language as well as English translation. Our footage includes short ‘trailers’ and B-roll footage of interviews with scientists and the public. All footage is in MPEG-4 format with 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1920×1080 resolution. 

Topics include European research on climate change, energy efficiency, food, healthcare, smart cities, and others. Use the ‘Topic’ drop-down menu to find our full range of topics.  


All material on Science Stories is free to use for editorial purposes under the following Consents to rights of use. This means that no permission or payment is required, you can edit but not distort the content or take it out of context. It is not permitted to use the content for purely commercial purposes, such as advertising or promotion without our express written permission. Just register and use as much footage as you like!

Science Stories content can be used in almost any professional or personal production, with the exception of purely promotional productions (for further details see Consents to rights of use). All footage is broadcast quality for television and online media. If you´re not sure whether your production can use the Science Stories content, please contact – we´ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Subscribing to ESCI Science Stories gives you early access to content, including footage covering the launch of new technologies. Subscribing means you will always have full access to all the content that ESCI Science Stories has to offer.

Please contact us under with your inquiry – we‘ll answer as soon as possible.


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Consent to rights of use subject to conditions

We grant the following rights of use on the condition that:

The content is used for editorial purposes and not for commercial advertising or any other commercial use.

The following is agreed upon:

  1. we grant journalists, associations, scientists, organisations and other interested parties the non-exclusive right to use the photos, texts and videos (hereinafter referred to as “content”) provided by us and made available here for download for editorial purposes.
  2. The use of the content is permitted in all media, including print publications, online platforms, and social media.
  3. you may edit the content, provided that the edits do not distort the content or take the content out of its context.
  4. Attribution is not required.
  5. Use of the content for purely commercial purposes, such as advertising or promotion, is not permitted without our expressed written consent.
  6. These rights of use commence at the time the content is downloaded and are perpetual.
  7. You may not transfer these rights of use to any third party unless such third party agrees to be bound by the same terms, conditions and restrictions as those set out herein.
  8. These rights of use apply only to the content provided by us and do not extend to any other content or works.

By downloading the content, the user agrees to be bound by the foregoing terms and conditions.

Science Stories offers compelling stories, free video footage, interviews and other content related to European research projects under the Consents to rights of use.

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