Energy Communities: Empowering the Consumer


Consumers are crucial for the energy transition, but are often overlooked. Marine Cornelis, EU Climate Pact Ambassador, lists the four essentials for the energy transition: decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation, and democratisation. Energy communities epitomise these principles, bridging production and consumption.

Through initiatives like ReDREAM, consumers like those in Gallese, Italy, are empowered to influence energy use. The project helps previously passive consumers become active participants, emphasising both eco-conscious production methods and local energy independence and autonomy. Highly important are clear governance models and the balance of production and consumption within energy communities.

Mayor Danilo Piersanti emphasises cooperation between producers and consumers, rallying for a shared vision. In Gallese, citizens are embracing this model, finding common ground in sustainable energy solutions. With visuals of windmills, solar panels, and community meetings, the footage illustrates the tangible benefits and collaborative spirit driving the energy transition at the local level.

The ReDREAM project was running till 2024.


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