Greener Grass: Biochar captures Carbon Emissions 


Plants are masters at capturing CO2 from the atmosphere – but once they are burned or rotted, it is released back into the atmosphere. Biochar offers a great alternative to this. The German company minus CO2 factory 001 in Eberswalde turns woody biomass or even grass into biochar, biogas and bio-oil – storing CO2 for hundreds of years. 

The biochar can be used as a soil amendment in agriculture or mixed with plastics to make biocarbon composites, the bio-oil can be sold to the chemical industry and the biogas is an energy source.

The GO-GRASS project will be completed in 2024.


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Video Greener Grass: Biochar captures Carbon Emissions 

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Full interview Thomas Heinrich, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)

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