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On the 3rd of June the UN celebrates World Bicycle Day to promote sustainable transportation and road safety. We report from Turkey, where in the bustling city of Tepebaşı, Turkey, cycling is emerging as a solution to congested traffic and environmental concerns. Despite being a healthy and sustainable mode of transport, only a small percentage of residents currently use bicycles due to inadequate infrastructure and safety concerns. However, a European project revitalized the city’s biking culture by introducing e-bike rentals and dedicated cycling lanes.

Led by Suat Yalnizoglu, the project has implemented 50 e-bikes available for rent and constructed 6 km of cycling lanes throughout the city. This initiative not only promotes physical activity but also reduces emissions, contributing to cleaner air. Testimonials from residents highlight the importance of safe infrastructure in encouraging cycling.

Mayor Ahmet Ataç envisions a greener and smarter Tepebaşı, advocating for modernization and sustainability. Tepebaşı’s investment in biking infrastructure sets a precedent for other Turkish cities. By prioritizing cycling and public transport, Tepebaşı alleviates traffic congestion and improves the quality of life for its residents, paving the way for a smarter, greener, and more sustainable urban environment.

The Remourban project was completed in 2020.


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