Green Revolution and Heat Recovery


In Soma, Turkey, and Torrelago district in Laguna de Duero, Spain, innovative European projects are revolutionizing heating infrastructure and energy efficiency.

In Soma, the Cityfied project utilizes waste heat from the power plant to heat 28,000 homes, reducing emissions and improving air quality.

Meanwhile, in Torrelago, CITyFiED retrofits 31 buildings with biomass-fueled central heating, cutting energy demand by 40% for 1,500 dwellings.

Both cities exemplify sustainable urban development, reducing CO2 emissions by over 70% and demonstrating the feasibility and significance of investing in integrated approaches to combat climate change. Completed in 2019, these initiatives serve as pioneering models for Europe, showcasing the potential of district heating systems and smart city strategies in achieving environmental and human health improvements.


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