Clean Energy that grows on Trees


Since 2010, Fiusis, an Italian company, has been using olive tree prunings, which are abundant in Puglia, to power their micro-cogeneration plant. In 2020 this plant was the only one of its kind globally generating clean energy, wood pellets, and fertilizers from its ashes. Fiusis has integrated a biomass supply chain with over 2,000 farms to reduce uncontrolled emissions from burning biomass in fields. The region has a significant potential for olive wood, which can be used as a sustainable energy source. This benefits the environment and local farmers economically.

Fiusis’s model not only demonstrates circular economics but also raises environmental awareness and creates job opportunities in an area with high unemployment rates. They employ 20 skilled workers and support local jobs, setting an inspiring example for rural communities. Their future plans involve producing biofertilizers and wood pellets. They will also make further use of excess heat from cogeneration.

Fiusis also collaborated on the EU research project RUBIZMO. The project aimed to discover the key ingredients for fostering entrepreneurship and successful business models in rural areas. In 2021 the RUBIZMO project was completed.


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