When Tradition meets Innovation


Taina Vie is a family-run start-up based in eastern Romania that combines traditional beekeeping with innovative natural products. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has received regional funding and expanded its product range to include a variety of honeys, propolis resins, and specialized health kits. Taina Vie has also established a strong brand presence through effective use of social media and local events.

Taina Vie collaborated on the EU research project RUBIZMO. The project aimed to discover the key ingredients for fostering entrepreneurship and successful business models in rural areas. Taina Vie embraces sustainability by using recycled packaging and promoting jar reuse. They also champion the environmental benefits of beekeeping.

Customer education is central to their ethos, blending cultural heritage with apicultural knowledge. Taina Vie is an innovative and sustainable agribusiness that serves as a model for rural entrepreneurship. It takes a holistic approach to its operations.

The RUBIZMO project was completed in 2021.


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